Welcome to MSH International - First choice for Land investments in the U.S.A. We have a rare opportunity for you to purchase land in the best part of America, Texas is the largest state in America with a population of 24 million and one of the fastest growing states in the USA.

population is growing at 12% per year versus the national average of 6%*, Houston as recently over taken Las Vegas as Americas fastest growing city.

is renowned for it's quality of life and a State of opportunities, many people have made their fortune here. This area has an abundance of lakes, forestry and stunning wide open planes whilst still having iconic land marks close by such as Dallas, Austin and the stunning Gulf Coast Line. This is one of the few unspoilt areas remaining in America to invest into at a realistic price.

Land starts from as little as $2,500/£1250 per acre*, plots range from 20 acres to 500 acres in size. The land is available for either commercial or residential use, currently 1 acre of residential land in the U.K commands on average £1,000,000.

A major plus point currently is the strength of the pound against the dollar, the average over the last 10 years is $1.60 to the £1, most economists predict the dollar will be back at the $1.75-1.80 region within 12 months giving a 10-11% gain on your investment even if the land does not increase in value.

The majority of our land as been purchased at the $2 to £1* mark giving you a clear starting advantage.
For a relatively small investment cost you can get your ‘foot in the door’ and start your land/property portfolio going. We have all legal partners/associates in place to make the transaction straightforward and arrange that all signing can be done in the convenience of your own home. Payment methods can be tailored to suit, outright purchase or owner finance is available to make the transaction as easy as possible.

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Mathew Sebastian Hall
David Kay - U.S. Business Associate
Mathew Hall (U.K.) and David Kay - U.S. Business Associate.
* Stats taken from the U.S Census Bureau. * Regards land bought at $2 to £1